kowusuhssmallI am a teacher, programmer, and educational researcher trying to do my bit to help the world of education and technology. The main purpose of this blog is not just to share my research and experience in merging education and technology. I would like to offer practical and tangible ideas for teaching and learning that actually improve outcomes.

In the past I have been a Head of Department for Computer Science and ICT in secondary schools, a Senior Learning Technologist, a researcher in higher education and a consultant for learning technology startups. I'm currently a curriculum developer for Design Technology and Computer Science with a strong interest in research on how teachers use technology in their classrooms, and how technology can be used more effectively and more widely to improve learning and teaching. Most of my teaching experience has been in the UK. However, having also taught in the USA, Japan, Ghana, and the UAE, the posts that I write will, to the best of my ability, have an international focus.

Although this blog is intended for others to read and gain advice and information, this blog is also for me to document my research. I would like to say up front that although I'd consider myself an expert in certain aspects of education and technology, I'm open to learning more. Therefore my third main aim in writing this blog is to increase my knowledge by getting information and opinions from others. Please comment, connect with me and (I'm sure I don't have to ask many of you...) put me right, if you feel I am wrong.

I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you.

For more info on me or to connect, feel free to visit my LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

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